Once you have created your survey you need to send it out for you to get feedbacks. You can send your survey in numerous different channels (deeper explanation about different channel types can be found here). 

The way to setup to send out a survey differs a bit, depending on which type of channel you are using, you can find more in-depth instructions here. There are a few steps in common for the distribution for all channel type's, and these steps you can find below: 

1. Once you are happy with your survey you can follow the steps at the bottom of the page to move forward to Preview. This is the place for you to check how your survey looks to the respondent and if there is any changes needed. If you find something you wish to change, you can just go back to the previous 'Edit' stage and make the changes needed. 

2. Once you are happy with the way your survey looks in the Preview you can move forward to 'Channel selection'. Here you can create a new channel, or if your organization happens to have channels in the Dashboard since before you can choose one of the channels from the list on the left. 

Note that you can of course choose/create more channels and send out the survey in many channels at once. 

3. Once you have selected your channel/s you can move to Publish settings (unless you are sending an embedded email survey or an SMS survey, then you need to add the settings for these, further instructions can be found here for the Email settings and here for the SMS settings). In the publish settings you will find needed information for that specific channel by clicking on the channel name, e.g the URL to your link survey, setup instructions for your iPad if you are using an iPad channel etc. 

4. Once you have set up your channel you can move forward to the final step; 'Review and Confirmation'. Here you can see a summary of the survey and the channels you are publishing it to. Once you made sure everything is ready to go click 'Publish now' - and your survey will go live in the channel you have selected.