As many of our users have multiple surveys distributed on many different channels we decided to add a helpful bookmark feature so that you are able to access your favourites with just a couple of clicks. You can add a bookmarks in both in the Results and Feedback list pages, and your saved bookmarks can be found in both views. 

Follow these easy steps to start bookmarking and saving your search terms: 

1. Select the search terms (time, survey/s, channel/s and grouping) you would like to save. 

2. Click on the 'Bookmark currently selected filters' button

3. Name your bookmark and click 'Save'

4. Click on the Bookmark folder icon, and then choose the bookmark you are applying and the Dashboard will automatically generate the results with the set search terms. Use the bookmarks whenever you wish to access your saved search terms in Results or Feedback list page. 

All done! We hope you find this feature helpful :)