1. Website Popup

When you publish your survey to a ‘Website Plugin’ channel, you have the option to set specific triggering conditions. This means that the popup will only appear once specific variables have been met. You can choose to have your survey appear on one of the 4 corners of your webpage or as a popup which appears over the webpage itself.


2. Embedded Web Form

You may also choose to freely place your survey on the webpage itself. You can control the size of the survey and exactly where it should go on the page. This is very useful for after purchase situations where you want to gauge customer satisfaction in the ‘order completed’ page of your ecommerce store. However the use-cases are endless.


3. Direct Link

If you do not want to implement any coding, you may opt for a simple link. This couldn’t be more easy. Just paste the link anywhere on your page, and when a user clicks on it, it will take them directly to your survey.

Test out a link survey here: bly.io/fblydemo12

4. SMS

Feedbackly allows you to import your customer phone numbers and send out your surveys directly to their mobile phones via an SMS text. The surveys can be displayed on any device with an internet connection and open up your distribution to potentially millions of new users.


5. Email

You can import a csv list of emails and send a survey to their inbox immediately. The subject and message of the email can be customized and the first survey question will be embedded in the email. The respondent can answer the first question of the survey directly in the email, after which they will be directed to a  page where they can complete the survey