The "Feedback list" gives you a detailed view to every response you've collected. It shows the time and date of each response as well as specific answers to every question a respondent has answered.

To navigate through the 'Feedback List' tab:

1. Log in to your dashboard

2. Click on the 'Feedback List' tab on the left side of the screen

3. Update the Feedback List by using the filter section on the left side of the screen.




4. Export your filtered results as an Excel, CSV or PDF file to further analyse them or to import them to your other systems. Our REST API is available to our solution sales customers upon request.



P.s You can also save and name your favourite search terms in results and Feedback list view to use again later by clicking on the Bookmark icon. 


NOTE: If you think you may be missing data for certain questions, remember that you can scroll to the right using a laptop trackpad or click the arrow icon on the right to see more.