The summary tab gives you an overall view of the feedback you've collected. You will see organization-wide KPI's and benchmarks that make it easy for you to track your organization's performance with a quick glance.


Top-Screen Modules




If you're really busy and only have time to view your results briefly, this is what you should look at. These modules represent your organization's main feedback KPIs. They include:

  • Average respondent satisfaction (for surveys assigned to your user profile)
  • Average respondent satisfaction for the whole organization
  • Number of respondents in the selected timespan
  • Number of responses to individual questions
  • NPS score in the selected timespan
  • Number of responses to date


Feedback Graph




This graph enables you to track the amount of feedback you receive. You can change the selected timespan by clicking on the green calendar in the bottom right corner.


Performance Meter




This graph converts the 'Smiley' question type to a satisfaction percentage. It aggregates the results from all Smiley questions in your organization to make one percentage value. With the performance meter, you can easily track your customer satisfaction over time to identify changes which may result from business actions.


Highs and Lows




This table compiles your best and worst performances at a daily level. You can see your best and worst average satisfaction level by day and by hour. You can also see your busiest and quietest day based on the number of feedback received.


Channel Ranking




The Channel Ranking table allows you to track the performance of your channels. Let's say you have 100 iPad Kiosk channels with the same survey. You can use this table to see which location is performing the best in terms of satisfaction level and responses. This is crucial for optimizing your customer experience strategy on a per-location basis.