With the Feedback inbox included in our Company plan, you can track customer service issues easily and send SMS or email messages directly to the affected customers. The Feedback Inbox builds customer profiles which catalogs all of the feedback left by a specific customer so you can be fully informed about the history of a customer service issue.

How to send a message to a customer

1. Go to the 'Feedback Inbox' on the left side of your dashboard

2. Here you will find all of the feedback you have received

3. Click on a conversation

4. You will be able to see all of the feedback the customer has given you. If they left their email address or phone number in one of your surveys, you will see the "SMS reply" and "Email reply" tabs on the top of the message field. Select one

5. Write your message and click send




How to collect customer names, emails, and phone numbers

1. Create a survey

2. Add a "form" question type

3. Add options for name, phone number, and email




4. Publish your survey and start collecting data


How to auto-assign feedback to a user group

1. Create a user group by going to the organization tab > user groups

2. Create a feedback notification by going to the notifications tab, there will be an option that says "assign feedback to a user group in the Feedback Inbox". Click the dropdown and select the user group you would like the feedback to be auto-assigned to

4. Click save

5. Now all feedback that meets your notification rule will automatically be assigned to the specified user group


Managing customer support issues

You can mark messages as "processed". Just click on a conversation and then click the "process feedback" button.

You can also add an internal note to ensure that every user on your Feedbackly account is up to date on the status of customer support issues. Just click the "internal note" button, type your message and the add your note. Only people users in your Feedbackly account can see internal notes.