You can add a company logo to your Feedbackly account that will appear at the top of all of your surveys. You can customize this further and add a channel logo that will appear instead of your company logo on specific channels.




To add an account-wide company logo:

1. Go to the 'Organization' tab

2. Click on 'Logo & Visuals' at the top of the screen

3. In the 'Organization logo' section, click 'Add a new logo'




4. Click 'Save'


To add a channel-specific logo:

1. Go to the 'Channel Management' tab

2. Click on the channel that you would like to add a custom logo to

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click 'Add a custom logo'




4.  Click 'Save'


Now the survey that is shown on this channel will show a custom logo at the top of the survey screen.