You can create custom notifications based on the feedback you receive (included in our Growth and Company plans). The notification can be triggered when a customer selects a certain option or combination of options. These parameters can be easily configured and modified.

1. Click on the 'Notifications' tab

2. Choose one or more email addresses to receive the notifications




3. Choose which survey you want the notifications from

4. Choose which channel you want the notifications from (one survey can be in multiple channels)

5. Choose one or multiple conditions

  • You can choose from any one of the the questions in your survey to trigger the notifications. Your conditions can be AND/OR.

Option 1: Create a notification based on selection




Option 2: Create a notification for 'Open Questions'

Configurable parameters:

  • Length of the text
  • Containing any or multiple words you want
  • Containing all words you want


Example: Creating a notification for an open field including any of the following words:



Now just click save and you're up and running with the notification! You will get an email notification each time the condition set is met.