1. From your Google Tag Manager panel, click on New Tag.

2. From the new window, click on Tag Configuration.

3. Choose Custom HTML Tag option.

4. Paste Feedabckly code inside the HTML container. Click on the Continue button to proceed.




5. After adding the Feedbackly code, click on Triggering button available underneath

6. Add a rule that will fire the tag on All Pages.




7. Click the Save button to add your new Tag.

8. You will be asked to Rename your Tag – for example, you can use the name of your website. After renaming it, click on Save button.

9. To finalize adding Feedbackly to your site, you need to publish your container. Click on Publish button in the top right section of the screen to proceed.

Now your code is set and you're good to go!

Now your code is set and you're good to go!