After creating a survey, you will have to either create a new 'website plugin' channel or publish the survey to an existing channel. You will then set the triggering parameters for your survey and how/when it will appear on your website.

There are 3 display types for Feedbackly website plugins:


1. Corner window



2. Popup window


3. Freely placed embedded survey



To add a survey to your website, you must first create a 'website plugin' channel and add the code to your website to allow Feedbackly to trigger surveys with the conditions set up in your dashboard.

To add the script to your website:

1. Go to 'Channel management', click on your Website plugin channel or create one, then copy the installation script and paste it at the end of the body tag of your website


Triggering Parameters:


Display only on certain pages

A URL or a partial URL. If it matches, the survey will trigger once all other conditions are met.
eg. "/products", "/products/shoes".

Hide on certain pages

A URL or a partial URL. If any of these match, the survey will not trigger on the page.

eg. "/products", "/products/shoes"

Number of pages visited

Display after visiting 'X' amount of pages

Visiting time

Display after visiting the site/page after 'X' amount of seconds


When user has scrolled down 0 % of the page

Exit Intent

Display when user attempts to exit page

Redisplay conditions

Redisplay after survey has been finished/closed after 'X' amount of hours


Show the survey to only 'X'% of the visitors

After setting these parameters you are ready to get feedbacks from your website visitors :)